"Easily the most entertaining art film since Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop" - Variety, Peter DeBruge

"Uproarious and thought-provoking" - New York Times, Ken Jowarsky

"Probing, wistful, and at times hilarious..." - New York Times, Jacob Bernstein

"For those not bothered being pranked themselves, it's a hoot!" - Hollywood Reporter

"Maura Axelrod's film builds a compelling and intimate portrait. Bold, witty... as playful as a Cattelan work itself..." -BBC

"Not to be missed... a captivating excavation of Maurizio Cattelan's disruptive career..." - Vogue

"Disarmingly charming" - New York Post

"...a beautifully beguiling feature documentary..."- Visionaire

"...deftly and entertainingly constructed..." - New York Magazine